Spring 2021: Slovak-themed books by CEU Press

For a recent list of books published by Central European University Press on Slovak themes, see the file below.

Seeking Article Submissions:

Mark Stolarik at the University of Ottowa reminds members that the annual scholarly journal Slovakia always welcomes article submissions. Anyone with a suitable article submission can send it electronically to M. Mark Stolarik, Editor, Slovakia:

Ján Golian of the Catholic University in Ružomberok invites contributions of articles and reviews in English to the journal Kulturné dejiny (Cultural History).

David Muhlena, Director of the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa writes: The overarching theme for our upcoming issue of Slovo is the Czech and Slovak artistic and political response to oppression from without and from within, starting from the mid-19th century through the current day. We are interested to receive contributions from scholars of Czech and Slovak studies. This issue is somewhat tied to an upcoming exhibit, Artists as Activists. Note that “artistic” is not just the visual arts but also the creative arts (including language, literature, theater, poetry, music); and political is not strictly politics but those long-term efforts to advance the freedom and identity of all Czechs and Slovaks. Those themes are compelling but a little fuzzy, so we are open to suggestions for possible topics. Word length can be between 1,000-1,500 words, depending upon the topic. And we are fine with repurposing content that has already been produced. Note: Slovo is received by the NCSML’s members; the writing style is similar to what you find in Smithsonian Magazine, so less academic but still rigorous. Deadline would be after Thanksgiving (still working on a drop dead date). Let me know if you have questions or need clarifications. Contact