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General Information

The SSA publishes a newsletter containing information and articles about topics pertaining to Slovak studies. Members automatically receive the newsletter as a membership benefit. (To enroll/renew your membership, see our Membership Page).


The newsletter editor encourages all members to submit information and articles for possible publication in the newsletter. Content must be academic and scholarly nature, in accordance with the SSA’s bylaws: “to promote interdisciplinary scholarly research, publication, and teaching related to the Slovak experience the world over, to help scholars interested in Slovak studies be in contact, to sponsor panels and sessions on Slovak themes at scholarly conferences, to act as a clearinghouse for information concerning Slovak studies.” The newsletter editor will send a call for submissions to members prior to the appearance of each newsletter; however, members may submit information throughout the year by emailing

Guidelines for Newsletter Submissions

1) Materials for publication must be well written and carefully edited. The editor generally undertakes only minor editing of submissions. The editor will not rewrite unpolished drafts and takes no responsibility for errors arising from mistakes in submissions.

2) The editor reserves the right to return submitted materials to the author for revisions. The editor may consult with members of the executive committee of the SSA, acting as an editorial advisory board, about any submission. The decision of the executive committee members is final.

3) If the author does not revise any returned materials, the editor reserves the right not to publish the materials.

4) Materials may be submitted in English or Slovak. Paper and publication titles, institutional names, and similar items that occur in a language other than English or Slovak should appear in the original language with an English or Slovak translation in parentheses.

5) Authors submitting materials in Slovak must use (or otherwise indicate) Slovak diacritical marks.

6) Materials already published or that are under consideration for publication elsewhere, in printed or electronic form, cannot appear in the newsletter unless the author can provide sufficient evidence that the newsletter will not violate copyright laws by reprinting the materials.

7) Contact the newsletter editor at if there is any question about the appropriateness of material for the newsletter.

Method of Submission

Authors may submit newsletter material using several methods:

1) Incorporate the information directly into the body of an e-mail message.  If the e-mail server does not accept diacritical marks, see the second submission method (#2).

2) Append the information to an e-mail message as a Word file or a rich text file attachment. Do not submit materials as PDFs.

3) Send your information to the editor in printed form by regular mail.  This is the least preferred method because of the added work for the editor and the potential of error during transcription.

Submission Deadlines

The newsletter editor will send a call for submissions to members prior to the appearance of each newsletter; however, members may submit information throughout the year.

Contact Information for Questions and Submissions:

Publication History and Schedule

Publication of the SSA Newsletter began in 1977, the year the Slovak Studies Association was founded. Roman numerals indicated volume numbers 1-4, and the current arabic numeral notation began with volume 5 in 1981. A calendar-year schedule applied for volumes 2-14, i.e., the release of issue no. 1 was early in the year and that of issue no. 2 was late in that same year. Beginning with volume 15 (1991), the newsletter appeared irregularly and then gradually fell into an academic-year pattern, i.e., issue no. 1 appeared in the fall/winter of one year and issue No. 2 appeared the following spring/summer. With volume 24 (2001), the newsletter returned to its original calendar-year schedule. Issue no. 1 (Spring-Summer) now appears in May/June, and issue no. 2 (Fall-Winter) appears in November/December of the same year.  Occasionally, only one issue appeared each year.

Issues of the SSA Newsletter prior to Volume 24 (2001) are not available.

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