New Book by SSA Member: "Slovakia! Traditions Old & New"

SSA Member Helene Baine Cincebeaux sends us the following news on her new book:

"Slovakia! Traditions Old & New" was published by Helene Baine Cincebeaux in June 2010 and records the information gleaned by Helene and her mother, Helen Zemek Baine over the past 40 years of visiting Slovakia and asking questions in thousands of villages.

The 172 page book follows the traditions and customs related to the holidays and seasons of the year and also life events from baptism to marriage to funerals. "I wanted the book to be as colorful as we found Slovakia to be," Helene said. "Some 270 vivid illustrations, photos, paintings and other works of art show life as our ancestors lived it and the richness of Slovak traditions."

So many people told me that their immigrant ancestors and grandparents are gone and it is too late to ask questions about their lives in the old country. This book records the questions asked and the answers found. And it is a tribute to all the Slovaks who welcomed us into their homes and shared their traditions.

For more information, e-mail: or call 585 342-9383

A review of the book can be found on the www.our-Slovakia site by clicking SH&FSI in the upper left hand corner.

The book is $25 plus $5 for postage. Make check out to Helene and mail to
Helene Cincebeaux
151 Colebrook Dr
Rochester NY 14617

40 years of my life are in this book and 37 summers spent skylarking in the gorgeous Slovak countryside visiting village homes and learning about life long ago. Was it fun! And now so satisfying to have it recorded.