Central European University Press books on Slovak history and culture

Mark Lauersdorf forwards this update from CEU Press:

Dear Friend of Slovak History and Culture!

The latest volume in the great CEU Press undertaking of presenting and comparing documents on national identities in east and central Europe is about the wake of modernism in the region. The book carries texts from Palarik (1860), Lajčiak (1920), Chorvath (1939), and Hodža (1942). Earlier volumes contained writings from Hrdlička (1785), Kollár (1821), Šuhajda (1834), and Štúr (1846).

Another recent release has been familiar to Slovak historians for long – the Gesta of Anonymus is available now in a Latin-English bilingual publication.

For years, the unparalleled resource of primary documentation on the events of 1968 in Czechoslovakia.

Also there are great many precious chapters relating to Slovaks and the Slovak land in comparative and collective CEU press books:

  • The position of the Catholic Church in the new Slovakia between 1945–1948;
  • How did the Czechoslovak road to Stalinism differ from the other stories in Eastern Europe?
  • · Records from Gorbachev’s visit to Czechoslovakia in 1987, his talks with Husák in 1988, and other documents in our seminal volume about 1989;
  • Slovak historiography in the 1990s between the national and trans-national agenda;
  • And similar dilemmas around creating a Slovak collective memory in the post-communist world.
Download the latest catalogue from the website of the – Central European University Press.