New Summer School for Central European Studies in Bratislava

From Michal Kovac, Regional Director, Euro-Atlantic Center, University of Economics in Bratislava

University of Economics in Bratislava announces the first year of its Summer School of Central European for Slovak as well as foreign students who are interested in advanced and more interactive study during the months of July and August.

The primary aim of the Summer School is to provide the participants, in the relatively short period of two weeks, with knowledge of the most interesting and applicable lessons learned by Slovakia and other Central European countries during the transition process form totalitarianism to democracy after 1989. Information that cannot be found in textbooks, knowledge and stories, which can only be handed over by experts who remember... Central Europe possesses the unique potential for transferring the authentic experience of the transition process from totalitarian regimes with planned economies towards to democracy with a free market. This recent experience assures the very practical know-how of dealing with very rapid political and economic development along with its pitfalls. The organizer perceives the entire Central European region as a natural laboratory which is eager to share its experience with interested parties from abroad. We believe that the impression and basic information about the region, gained during the Summer School, can provide the participants with a very practical asset for further study and scientific research.

Duration: 2 Weeks
Location: Bratislava (Vienna / Prague)
Topic: Political and Economic Transformation of the Central Europe – Successes and Pitfalls
Working Language: English
Credits: 6 ETCS
Co-Organizer: University of Vienna, University of Economics - Prague, The Euro-Atlantic Center
Cost: $1690, including room and board and tuition, not including transportation to and from Slovakia
Application deadline: 10 June 2009

More information is available on the program's website: or by phone at 00421 (0) 2 6729 5164, or by e-mail