Czechoslovak Studies Association Book Prize Deadline, 15 June 2009

The Czechoslovak Studies Association is pleased to announce again its prize for the Best Book in the Field of Czechoslovak Historical Studies. This prize was first awarded in 2007 to Pieter M. Judson for his Guardians of the Nation: Activists on the Language Frontiers of Imperial Austria (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006). This year’s award will be presented at the Czechoslovak Studies Association’s meeting at the AAASS Convention in Boston in November for works published in 2007 or 2008.

To be eligible for consideration, books must be primarily concerned with the history of Czechoslovakia, its predecessor and successor states, or any of its peoples within and without its historical boundaries. The field of historical studies will be broadly construed, with books in all fields considered for the prize if they are substantially historical in nature. The prize committee will decide whether a book matches these criteria. Books under consideration must be new works by a single author written originally in the English language.

The competition is open to members and non-members of the CSA. The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2009. Committee members are Peter Bugge, Aarhus University (chair); Kimberly Elman Zarecor, Iowa State University; and Jonathan Bolton, Harvard University. To inquire about submitting a book, please e-mail Peter Bugge at