Hungarian Studies AAASS Panel and Paper Proposals

A note from our counterparts at the Hungarian Studies Association:

I would like to ask you to share with your members the panel proposals made at the Philadelphia AAASS conference by the members of the Hungarian Studies Assoc. If one is interested in joining any of the panels, they can contact the person suggesting the panel directly or contact me. ( The proposals are from the newsletter. Our website is: If you want me to share your proposals you can email them to me and i will email it out to our members. Thanks!
Susan Glanz

The proposals: (The email addresses of those proposing the panels are in brackets. Please contact them directly if you would like to join the panel)

1. A nearly-complete panel: “Hungarians and Czecho-Slovaks in the Short Twentieth Century.” The panel needs a commentator and a chair. Contact Peter Pastor at

*“Loyalty of the Czechoslovak Troops in the Habsburg Armies during World War I” - Jack Tunstall
*“Ragged Guards in 1939” - Béla Bodó –
*“Hungarian military intervention in Slovakia in August 1968” - Peter Pastor ( )

2. World War I – Jack Tunstall ( )

3. The 20th anniversary of 1989 – Federigo Argentieri ( )

4. Sabotage cases in the 1950s – Edit Nagy ( )

5. Fairs and exhibitions – Alice Freifeld ( ); György Peteri ( )

6. Life styles and consumption in the 1950s, 1960s - György Peteri ( )

7. Transnational organizations, amnesty international – Katalin Fabian ( )