Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals

The Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals is offering a variety of opportunities for both area and non-area specialists to lecture, conduct research, or carry out both activities in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Eurasia for academic year 2010-11. The traditional Fulbright Scholar Program offers awards that range from 2 to 10 months. Scholars may conduct research independently or in collaboration with host country colleagues. Applications are welcome from scholars in a broad range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. Opportunities also exist for professionals in such fields as law, public administration, conflict resolution, journalism, library science, and education. While many awards specify project and host institution, there are a number of open "All Discipline" awards that allow candidates to propose their own projects and determine their host institution affiliation.

Scholarship for Slovaks Living Abroad


The Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic sponsors a Government Scholarship Program. The details of the scholarship program are as follows:

CfP: Czech and Slovak Americans: International Perspectives from the Great Plains, April 7-10, 2010, University of Nebraska

Members may be interested in the call for papers listed below:

We appeal to you to help us advertise to academic communities in the United States, the Czech and Slovak Republics, and elsewhere an international scholarly symposium, Czech and Slovak Americans: International Perspectives from the Great Plains, April 7-10, 2010, sponsored by the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. This 2010 Symposium will address all aspects of the experience of Czech and Slovak immigrants and their descendants in the Great Plains region, as well as the relationships of these citizens with other Czech- and Slovak- Americans and with Czechs and Slovaks in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Request for information on interwar folk celebrations in western and central Slovakia

We recently received this request from Dr. Patrice M. Dabrowski:

I am looking for information on popular folk celebrations held in places such as Trencin and Turciansky Svaty Martin in the interwar period (circa 1930 or before), celebrations at which I gather various state dignitaries, including Masaryk, appeared. Can anyone suggest where I might look for such information? In addition, I would love to learn if anyone is working on, or has worked on, tourism in the Tatra Mountains. I myself am writing about what I call the "discovery" of the Carpathians from the northern and eastern sides (that is, by Poles and Ukrainians).

With thanks in advance for your help,
Dr. Patrice M. Dabrowski
Eugene and Daymel Shklar Fellow, 2008-9
Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
34 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Call for AAASS Panel Member, Culture and Everyday Life During Normalization

We have received from the following from Slovakstudies member Brad Abrams:

"I'm putting together a panel for the next AAASS on the 1970s and 1980s in the CSSR, and I'm short one paper-giver. Our focus is on culture and everyday life, with my colleague Chris Harwood looking at Czech film (especially Vesnicko ma Strediskova) and representations of chatas, etc., and I will be talking about the reality of the chatas, etc., based on sociological research carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. I would very much like to have a Slovak angle to all this, since I have very interesting comparative Czech-Slovak data. Is there anyone out there who is looking for a panel and is working on some social aspect of normalization (hopefully based in literature or film, but that's not necessary)."
Happy New Year,
Brad Abrams, bfa4[at]columbia[dot]edu

Hungarian Studies AAASS Panel and Paper Proposals

A note from our counterparts at the Hungarian Studies Association:

I would like to ask you to share with your members the panel proposals made at the Philadelphia AAASS conference by the members of the Hungarian Studies Assoc. If one is interested in joining any of the panels, they can contact the person suggesting the panel directly or contact me. (glanzs@stjohns.edu). The proposals are from the newsletter. Our website is: http://www.hungarianstudies.info. If you want me to share your proposals you can email them to me and i will email it out to our members. Thanks!
Susan Glanz

The proposals: (The email addresses of those proposing the panels are in brackets. Please contact them directly if you would like to join the panel)

1. A nearly-complete panel: “Hungarians and Czecho-Slovaks in the Short Twentieth Century.” The panel needs a commentator and a chair. Contact Peter Pastor at pastorp@mail.montclair.edu

AAASS 2008 Thank You

Thanks to all who attended our various events during the AAASS conference: the joint reception (at which we were well represented), the annual association meeting (also well attended). We will soon post our notes from the meeting and other important details. Thanks again. We will see each other again in 2009 in Boston (if not sooner).

Slovak translation / slovenský preklad

Google Translate has recently added Slovak to its list of supported languages. It is possible to receive machine-translations of whole webpages from- and to- Slovak. While the translation is far from perfect, it can serve a variety of purposes for academic researchers. The simple address is: href="http://translate.google.com/"

To set the default for English->Slovak, use this address:

"Default" pre slovenský preklad je:

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